Hi there! We are Sweet Bowl Over. 🙂
A newcomer in the surprise event management and gift delivery industry. 
We’re a start-up, online-based business composed of an online marketer, a graphic artist and a program developer.
We’ve combined our passion, skills and our love
for delighting someone’s day into coming up with
Sweet Bowl Over’s service concept.
Surprising has never been this hassle free!
So what does Sweet Bowl Over do?
It’s simple. We spread the love vibe!
We believe that everybody deserves a magical moment. Those achievements, whether big or small, are meant to be celebrated.
And while we always want to squeeze in time to celebrate our loved one’s success — the reality is, we thrive in such a busy society.
We work, we grind, we eat, we sleep and repeat.
Our schedule limits us in preparing something that will sweep our loved ones off of their feet.
And that’s where we enter.
We’re here to help you organize a unique and unforgettable sweet surprise setup for your loved ones.
We’re not stiff. We Listen.
We treat every event as our own. We share the excitement of our clients, we edit photos like how we would edit our own shots, how we’d like it to look on Instagram. And we decorate the place like how we’d want our own birthday parties to turn out.


We offer a complimentary 20-minute photoshoot. “tailor-made” for Instagram.

We offer shopping and room booking assistance. For those who are on-the-go and has no time to look for hotel and/or Airbnb deals.

We listen. We definitely go all the way to make an event as personal as possible.

We go all the way to make each event as personal as possible. Celebrate with us!