Who Are We

We are a small online-based business composed of an online seller, a graphic artist and a program developer.

Our Mission

We are here to make someone happy and feel loved.

What We Do

We do balloon setup, surprise concept and gift delivery.


We are Sweet Bowl Over. A new comer in the surprise event management and gift delivery industry.
We’re a small online-based business composed of an online seller, a graphic artist and a program developer.
We’ve combined our passion, skills and our “thing” for delighting our loved ones’ day in coming up with this simple side job. So what does Sweet Bowl Over do?
It’s simple. We’re in the business of spreading the love vibe!
We believe that everybody deserves a magical moment. That achievements whether big or small are meant to be celebrated.
And while we always want to squeeze in time to celebrate success with our loved ones, SBO understands that we are such a busy society.
We study, we work, we grind and repeat.
Our schedule limits us in preparing something that will sweep our loved ones off of their feet.
And that’s where SBO enters.
We’re here to help you organize a unique and unforgettable sweet surprise setup for your loved ones.
We’re not stiff. We Listen.
We treat every event as our own. We share the excitement of our clients, we edit photos like how we would edit our own shots, how we’d like it to look on Instagram. And we decorate the place like how we’d want our own birthday parties to turn out.


It all started with a box of chocolates and a broken heart….
Sometime 2017, one of us had a huge meltdown which was the result of a terrible relationship experience and really bad break-up.
One came to her comfort, invited her to get a cup of coffee and gave her a box full of chocolates with a letter inside saying:
Sometimes, having a coffee with your best friend is all the therapy you need. 
I will always be here for you“. 
Few months later, we’ve looked back and realized how this simple gesture of kindness affected her in a very positive manner.
We figured, since kindness is good for everyone, why not let everybody experience it thru a product or service? 
And who doesn’t want gifts, anyway? 🙂
We then offered our products and services at an affordable range because we believe that surprises and gifts don’t need to be grand. 
In fact, sometimes, a simple letter, a simple thought, a simple act already changes someone’s life entirely.
Bowl Over means to surprise someone by being very beautiful; to surprise greatly. We wanted our company name to be conventional. This allows us to position our offerings as something unique and far from ordinary balloon decoration and gift delivery service.

Our ABCD process



You may reach us thru our website, email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or text/call to our mobile number for inquiries.



Place an order by filling out our online order form.



Confirm your order by paying the full amount for gift delivery or initial payment for balloon room setup service. The payment must deposit to our BDO account and we require a validated deposit slip.



We will deliver/setup your order on the date indicated on the order form.


We offer a complimentary 20-minute photoshoot. “tailor-made” for Instagram.

We offer shopping and room booking assistance. For those who are on-the-go and has no time to look for hotel and/or Airbnb deals.

We listen. We definitely go all the way to make an event as personal as possible.



Co-Owner & Marketer

An online marketer and a soon-to-be mama. She left her full-time job to focus on her passion and to start building her own family which is her dream-come-true. She has banking, casino and BPO background which contributed to the success of her online venture.

She loves to read and watch movies during her spare time.


Co-Owner & Designer

A strong, independent single-momma. A graduate of Marketing and Advertising Management and works full-time in one of the biggest casinos in Manila. She has won several awards on amateur photography and logo design competition in the Philippines.

She spends her spare time on painting, reading books and writing.


Co-Owner & Developer

A dreamer and a go-getter. She works as a full-time programmer in one of the prominent IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia. A graduate of Information Technology who continuously pushes to study professional web designing and digital marketing.

Besides her techy side, she has an equal passion on events management.


Lead, Social Media Ads

A full-time nurse who values his craft by heart. He has more than 7 years of professional experience of which have been devoted in providing healthcare to those who are in need.

Moreover, being a multifaceted person that he is, he has handled clientele relationship, account management and events promotion. He does photography on the side and travels during his free time.

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we're not stiff. we listen.

We go all the way to make each event as personal as possible. Celebrate with us!
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